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1.56 Single Vision Prescription Optical Eyeglasses & Anti-Reflective Lenses

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1.56 Single Vision Prescription Optical Eyeglasses & Anti-Reflective Lenses

(29 customer reviews)

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13 in stock

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Anti-Reflective Lenses1.56 Single Vision Lenses

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Eyewear Accessories


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UV400, Anti-Reflective

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Eyewear Accessories

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1.56 Single Vision Prescription Optical Eyeglasses Lenses

Based on 29 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. N***n

    I bought lenses and the seller inserted them in the selected frame. Included screwdriver and napkin. I recommend the seller and his product.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  2. O***a

    I want to thank the seller for very good service and the right approach to the individual selection of glasses-prescription. You send your recipe, choose the frame and make a wish for lenses. As a result, i got perfect glasses with all the necessary parameters. The peak is wonderful, the lenses are enlightened. Thank you. I recommend this wonderful store. Seller personal gratitude.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  3. V***k

    Excellent lenses, took complete with the rim. The quality is excellent, i order in this store for the second time. Here you can also order prescription lenses. These lenses are designed for reading.

    Delivery to the kaliningrad region about a month by mail of russia. Packing was very good, case + inflatable package, nothing damaged.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  4. Halaal Market Shopper

    Very good quality lenses. The seller sent a photo of the recipe and he advised which lens to buy. Service is excellent! I recommend!

    Lens Index: 1.56

    Halaal Market Shopper

  5. F***I

    Fantastic choice. I sent the prescription dell’oculista to seller and he has fitted these lenses on a frame of his shop. I have a fantastic at a great price

    Lens Index: 1.56


  6. L***r

    I ordered from the seller and the frame, and glasses. Everything is done qualitatively, quickly and in accordance with the recipe. Eyes in glasses are comfortable, tension does not cause.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  7. T***a

    The seller perfectly picked up the lenses according to the recipe. I put five on quality. Answered all questions. No minuses found. Seller recommend. Delivery took about 3 weeks.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  8. N***a

    The seller is gorgeous. It’s not the first time i take glasses from him, everything is done etko. The recipe is made without complaints. Glasses are collected quality. People, here really cheaper glasses are the same as in our stores for 5000r. Why do you need it? We’ll take it here.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  9. Halaal Market Shopper

    I have vision-2,25 both eyes, just you need to write about it to the seller. For an accurate fit, the seller will ask you to measure your pd-pupillary distance-pupil distance. My pd is 60mm. It is easily measured with a ruler, the seller is sure to drop the instruction. Read the full review on aytao sophie_med

    Lens Index: 1.56

    Halaal Market Shopper

  10. Y***a

    I ordered just lenses. -4. 75 shipping about a month. Everything came exactly, plus a napkin. I think it was possible to immediately order with the rim. Would have come immediately ready glasses. Next time i will. The order and the seller is satisfied. The main thing is, do not be afraid to order points on international. Quality of service is good

    Lens Index: 1.56


  11. y***a

    Delivery to samara region 27 days.
    The parcel was tracked all the way.
    I took it at the post office, there was an alert. The package was packed in an air cushion. Glasses were in a bag, wrapped in a napkin and in a plastic case. Everything came in perfect condition. There was no unpleasant smell. Also the seller put the screwdriver double-sided and silicone things on the ears. all as in the description of the seller, the lenses correspond to my vision (-3.5)

    Lens Index: 1.56


  12. E***r

    I really like this store. I ordered more than one glasses there. I wear them not looked, but for driving, shops and tv they are necessary. Therefore, it is convenient when both at home and in the car they are and do not need to carry with them.
    So this time i tried a thin metal frame in silver color.
    I liked the glasses. In my opinion do not look bad.
    Quality is good.
    Lenses are also supplied good. Or rather i see them perfectly. There is something to compare.
    Lenses ordered with uv filter. Hope it works 🙂
    Eyes do not hurt this is already a huge plus.
    So i’m very happy with glasses. And i can recommend. By the way for astigmatism also ordered in this store.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  13. V***a

    The lenses fit me perfectly, thanks to them i see very well, increase the sharpness of vision, i have myopathy-0,5. Eyes in them do not get tired, very comfortable. Protectors with green spraying, with direct sunlight can be seen as shining. Very fast shipping! For 15 days i received ready-made glasses. The seller is sociable, helped determine the rim and pick up the lenses on my recipe. I recommend this store.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  14. k***k

    Lenses can be ordered separately, but you can also choose a frame, then the seller immediately sends you ready-made glasses.
    The seller helped me to choose the right lenses, for this you need to send him a recipe.
    I had no prescription, i only told the seller my vision (and my husband and i have the same vision) and he offered me suitable lenses.
    Lenses have a protective coating against glare, scratches, dust.
    In the light, they shimmer in green.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  15. A***n

    The glasses frame is made entirely of metal, i took in silver color, silicone nose pads. Dushki decorated with silicone pads for more comfortable socks!

    Complete with glasses came screwdrivers and spare nose pads and dushki, as well as a napkin for the care of lenses.

    The glasses were packed in a plastic case and in an air mattress, so nothing was damaged during transportation. Everything came safe and sound, for which many thanks to the seller.

    I am happy with the order and i recommend it to buy!

    Lens Index: 1.56


  16. E***a

    Lenses in the form of blanks, i’ll give them to the optics and i will cut them under the necessary frame.
    The lenses at me are-4,5, the value is indicated on each envelope. Just write to the seller your indicators and you will be told what to order.
    You can also order finished glasses by writing to the seller the indicators of the right and left eye (od, os) and do not forget to specify the distance between the pupils (pd).
    The cost of the pair is 529r at the time of order. The difference in the order through optics and ali is about 1.5 thousand rubles.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  17. Y***h

    Very good, lens processing is very! I advise the store.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  18. O***a

    Lenses are thin, weightless. Exactly according to the recipe. You can see in them well, glare is not enough. The lenses are coated from fogging. Completely satisfied with the order. Glasses with lenses were packed in a cover and an air bag. Everything came whole and very quickly.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  19. o***a

    If you have a prescription for glasses, the seller selects you lenses, and you will come ready-made glasses (frame + lenses).
    Lenses aspheric anti-radiation protection index 1,56.
    The delivery to rb was a little less than a month, the track was tracked in the order status on international way. Packaging reliable: air vacuum package, directly glasses in case. In the kit there was a response-keychain, additional flexes, a napkin for cleaning glasses.
    Goods without damage.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  20. T***a

    Fine classic diopter glasses, i chose the frame and wrote to the seller my recipe, and he offered me a link to the lenses for the order, in the end i made an order for the frame and lenses, the seller sent me ready-made glasses, included a plastic case, limiters on the arms, silicone socks, a double-sided screwdriver and a napkin for cleaning.
    Glasses with photochromic and anti-glare spraying, i see them perfectly.
    The frame frames the lenses in a circular, the ends of the arms are decorated in plastic, the arms themselves are thin, elegant. The glasses model is a little not mine, but for reading is great.
    Shop, product and seller recommend.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  21. A***t

    Frame and lenses for vision.
    When choosing lenses, i asked for help from the seller. He willingly answers the messages. I showed him the recipe and he helped me find the right lenses.
    Lenses look perfect-not a single scratch. Fingerprints and other dirt with them are easily erased. A napkin for care the seller put as a gift.
    My prescription these lenses fully match.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  22. K***k

    Frame and lenses are sold separately. Before you make an order, you need to contact the seller-he will give you a link to suitable lenses, after he learns the recipe.

    I ordered lenses from the link the seller gave me, as mentioned above, but i asked to insert into the frame not optical lenses, but ordinary glass. I had a little doubt that they will be like i want, because the reviews on this link only talked about lenses for people with vision problems.

    Delivery to the rostov region took about a month, the track is tracked.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  23. D***y

    Well, very cool glasses! Lenses are very high quality, do not scratch and do not even shine! I ordered immediately along with the rim, the seller immediately inserted the lenses into the glasses, packed it all beautifully in a branded box, put a special napkin, silicone stoppers, spare arms and a screwdriver for twisting glasses. But i did not have to twist anything, keep perfectly! The form is excellent, a little later i will add feedback as they sit on me for clarity

    Lens Index: 1.56


  24. M***a

    Good glasses. The frame is so light. I ordered it according to the recipe.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  25. z***s

    Shipping 20 days.
    I ordered complex lenses according to the recipe. i chose the frame, the glasses came ready. the lenses are excellent, the son is comfortable in them.
    I recommend

    Lens Index: 1.56


  26. N***a

    Prescription lenses. The order was issued together with the rim and already ready-made glasses. Lenses are thin enough, aspherical, with an index of 1,56. It seems as if these lenses protect the eyes from harmful radiation coming from the computer, but I do not know how true it is)) the lenses checked at the okulista, clearly correspond to my recipe. Now my son will see everything clearly and it certainly pleases! Delivery to Moscow 3 weeks

    Lens Index: 1.56


  27. o***r

    Good lenses, I take not the first time.

    Lens Index: 1.56


  28. E***r

    Very beautiful glasses of excellent quality. Dushki flexible. I think for young people an active great option. Executed neatly, the coating is smooth beautiful. Came in a case. In stock, plastic things on the arms and on the bridge of the nose. Frame ordered with lenses immediately. Picked up according to the recipe. I see them well. Eyes don’t hurt. I take by the way the second glasses with lenses in this store. I’m happy with everything. I recommend

    Lens Index: 1.56


  29. V***n

    Lovely goods and shop. I bought lenses and frames separately in this store. Sent the recipe. Inserted perfectly lenses in the frame. Sent a lot of gifts: a case, a cloth for wiping lenses, a screwdriver, 2 kinds of stops. I recommend unequivocally! Well done.

    Lens Index: 1.56