Anti-aging & Wrinkle, Beauty & Cosmetics, Skin Care

AuQuest 5 Seconds Wrinkle Remover Puffy Eye Bags Firm Skin Lifting Anti Aging

Anti-aging & Wrinkle, Beauty & Cosmetics, Skin Care

AuQuest 5 Seconds Wrinkle Remover Puffy Eye Bags Firm Skin Lifting Anti Aging

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Whether you’ve spotted your first wrinkle (which, believe us, can be one of the most traumatizing experiencing

in any 20-something’s life) or years of stress have taken a more drastic toll on your complexion, one thing is

for certain:

It’s time for an anti-aging cream!

If you are looking for an effective, but affordable anti-aging cream, look no further than the AuQuest

Wrinkles Cream. It contains a skin-boosting peptides and a powerful antioxidant to improve and promote

your skin’s resilience against aging, without blocking your pores and causing breakouts.

It has been shown to improve your skin’s firmness and reduce wrinkle depth in as little as 5 Seconds!

This is a huge advantage if you have a special occasion quickly approaching on your calendar (hello spring-

time wedding season) and if you want to look your absolute best.

Package including:

One piece of Wrinkle Remover Cream

Free shipping

Suitable for

Eye bags, wrinkles of face, lips and neck, crow’s feet, dryness around the eyes, dark circles, poor metabolism

of the eyes, etc.


*Apply other skincare product after the cream is totally absorbed, suggest to use use pre-makeup, as a primer.

*Avoid contact water for the best effect.

*It is a temporary lifting effect that last up to 8h, and can be washed by toner or soap.

Lanbena Face Cream anti aging Fine Lines Anti-wrinkle Firming Anti Agin Anti Acne Whitening Moisturizing Acne Treatment Face Crea

Brand Name





Hyaluronate, peptide, collagen

Country/Region of Manufacture






Certificate Number








Model Number


Item Type



Repair face cream, whitening cream, hyaluronic acid


Anti aging, pale spot, whtening,

Feature 1

Delicate and smooth wrinkle cream, against acne

Feature 2

Super hydrating, anti wrinkle, face cream, day cream


Deep nourishment Long-lasting moisturizing, argireline

Suitable For

Unlimited, repair cream, wrinkle face cream, skin care

Use For

Repairing, firming, anti-wrinkles and lifting

Expiration Date

12 months

Quality Inspection

Qualified, effectively wrinkle remover

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  1. Z***G

    The effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams partly depends on the active ingredient or ingredients.
    Our cremick is a storehouse of nutrients and caring components.
    In its composition: 21 moisturizing peptide, silk peptides, witch hazel extract, hydrolyzed elastin and so on.
    The product fights wrinkles, tightens the contour of the face, tones and moisturizes the skin. The effect you can see immediately. This magic lasts about 8 hours.
    Apply cream to clean skin with light massage movements. The texture of the product is incredibly light and it is perfect for makeup.
    Smells this miracle is very nice, berries. Does not leave stickiness and greasy shine.
    The shelf life is excellent, until 2022. Delivery 2 weeks. Track number tracked

    Ships From: China


  2. w***k

    Stunning effect!
    For the first time i see this: a cream that smoothes wrinkles in seconds! In general, i first skeptical about the promises of the seller, until on my own experience i was convinced that so it is! In my case, i applied the cream to facial wrinkles on my forehead and they were smoothed out in front of my eyes. The only thing that the effect lasts only 8 hours… although i, despite what they write in the comments did not notice such a visible deterioration after 8 hours.
    The structure of the cream is light and it is absorbed immediately, leaving no greasy trace.
    Packed in a cardboard box indicating the shelf life, composition and effect. inside the box there is a 20 gram glass jar with cream.
    Girls in the comments advise to use it under the foundation to make less visible wrinkles. from myself, i will say that this cream is perfect for any special occasion: weddings, parties, dates, etc.
    The delivery took 3 weeks. the track was tracked.
    # I recommend

    Ships From: China


  3. k***e

    Very interesting cream, similar to the base for make-up-smoothes fine wrinkles and fills deep and pores. After it, you can apply cosmetics, the foundation cream will lie softer and smoother. The jar is small, but the consumption is economical. Delivery to minsk for 3 weeks.

    Ships From: China


  4. C***t

    Delivery a little more than three weeks in mo, the packaging is excellent. No injuries on the road. The cream perfectly smoothes fine lines and fine wrinkles, does not poorly hide the flaw around the eyes. From facial, strong wrinkles, on the skin of the neck and on the skin of the hands the effect is weaker. The appearance of the face visually improves not bad! Allergies did not cause, after application or washing, no unpleasant sensations, there were no phenomena. Very not bad for such a cost. I recommend!

    Ships From: China


  5. V***o

    Cream action:
    The cream has an instant effect, making wrinkles on the face imperceptible, protects the skin from harmful effects of the environment, eliminates swelling and corrects fine wrinkles, having the effect of temporary “suspenders”.

    Weight 20g
    Cream is white, not dense, but also does not spread. Oily, after applying to the skin becomes sticky, but after a minute absorbed and the skin becomes tender and soft.
    I have fine wrinkles around my eyes. So after application they became slightly more noticeable, the skin as if ironed. This cream really works. But the effect lasts half a day (i write out of my own experience). Then you need to moisturize again
    On cleansed, dry skin, movements from the bottom up, gently and evenly apply a small amount of cream on the face and chin.

    Use daily, once a day in the morning, or as needed.

    Ships From: China


  6. O***s

    It is applied easily, very quickly absorbed, leaving a feeling of a small refreshing and smoothing matte film.
    5-second miracle i did not get, but the cream is good as a base for makeup. Immediately after application, a slight stickiness is felt, but quickly disappears and a feeling of lifting appears, the skin is slightly straightened, tightened.
    The cream aligns its texture with the relief of the skin, filling fine wrinkles.
    In general, the result is i’m happy as an emergency help to look better. However, 8 hours this effect does not last.
    Cream with an interesting effect at an affordable price.
    I recommend to buy. It is always interesting to try an innovative product.

    Ships From: China


  7. I***a

    Weight 20 gr.
    Good composition with peptides.
    Moisturizes and tones the skin.
    The texture is light, moderately thick. Pleasant aroma.
    Absorbed cream instantly, leaving a small stickiness and wax effect. After a couple of minutes absorbed by density.
    Tightens the skin. Ideal for make-up.
    Allergies caused. Pimples did not raise. As happens after some creams.

    Ships From: China


  8. Halaal Market Shopper

    The cream did not understand, heavy, i wanted to immediately wash off. Delivery to moscow month.

    Ships From: China

    Halaal Market Shopper

  9. T***o

    Delivery was not tracked, but it came all on time, prod was all the time for communication, the packaging is chic, everything is whole, the box is not wrinkled, the cream has not tried yet, the shelf life is good

    Ships From: China


  10. R***l

    The cream came in a branded box. Despite the fact that there was a protective membrane, the cream is still protek.
    According to the consistency, the cream is quite thick, when applied forms a stickiness, which then the truth goes away. But the fat content still remains, so under the makeup i would not advise to apply it. in general, the cream really works, fine facial wrinkles it is able to instantly smooth. However, the effect lasts certainly not 8 hours, but less. And i would still not use such cream constantly, still it is better to reinsurance.

    Ships From: China


  11. T***m

    The cream is dense, dense texture with an interesting aroma. The composition has peptides and natural components. After application absorbed well, but there is some stickiness. Noticeably tightens, wrinkles and the truth become less, but the effect lasts only five hours, no more.
    I liked the cream, i will use it, only for any special occasions.

    Ships From: China


  12. v***v

    The parcel arrived within a month in air and post packages. The cream was not damaged during transportation.

    Packed in a plastic jar and a beautiful box sealed in mica. On the box there is all the necessary information about the composition, shelf life and method of application in english.

    According to the consistency of a delicate texture, white, with a herbal smell. Absorbed not immediately, you need to wait a little.

    Wrinkles really removes, but the effect is short-term. Cream for special occasions when you need to look at all hundred.

    I liked the cream, i recommend to buy!!!

    Ships From: China


  13. O***a

    Cream dense, adhesive consistency. When applied absorbed well. I personally do not feel it for centuries. When applied noticeably fills and smoothes facial wrinkles, but it does not remove them accurately. I use the cream for a week, but mimic wrinkles and dark circles do not disappear anywhere, ah. Perhaps you need to use longer. The smell is pleasant. Delivery within a month. Thank You

    Ships From: China


  14. M***a

    Got it! Very quickly, packed “on conscience”, the seller-well done, huge gratitude to the seller, i recommend!

    Ships From: China


  15. e***a

    I ordered two boxes. One for yourself second as a gift. I opened one and saw the cream with the cream. But the jar is whole. How does i not know.

    Ships From: China


  16. e***a

    The cardboard box was wrinkled, but the packaging of the cream itself is whole. Shelf life up to 2022. The cream is absorbed well, i can not say anything else yet.

    Ships From: China


  17. S***a

    Wonderful cremick in all respects. The inscription on the package 5 seconds as advertising, does its job. The face after it shines with freshness. I liked this cream. I will buy again.

    Ships From: China


  18. O***a

    About the face cream with the name “5 Seconds” I read a lot of enthusiastic reviews. I was very interested in testing this cream. 20 grams of cream cost 327 rubles. The manufacturer is proud that the cream does not contain alcohol, parabens, artificial dyes and flavors, heavy metals, hormones, phosphorus and mineral oil. The absence of hormones in cosmetics is especially important for such a component as placenta. Placenta is extracted from humans, animals and plant proteins.
    The cream allows you to mask wrinkles, fights wrinkles, goose paws, dark circles under the eyes. In fact, one small jar is a good nourishing cream, odorless, without film. Cream consistency is standard, color is white.

    Ships From: China


  19. C***c

    I arrive very well also fast hope it is good thank you very much

    Ships From: China


  20. T***a

    I ordered 11.08., package came 26. 10. looks like a small box. not damaged. you can and as a gift to buy, carefully wrapped in a doll! bought for 334, 88. not yet used. as I use, immediately unsubscribe. if it works, I’ll order more!

    Ships From: China


  21. S***y

    This product perfectly prepares the face for further application of the foundation, creating the most smooth and smooth surface of the skin, so that the Foundation lies flat and easily distributed.
    It softens the skin surface with wrinkles and smooths the bugristness.

    Ships From: China


  22. N***a

    The cream came quickly, just over 2 weeks. Packed securely, one of the jars purchased as a gift-it will not be a shame to give. On the effect, I can not say anything yet, as I ordered the first time.

    Ships From: China


  23. R***r

    Delivery to Kazan is almost a month. The goods are well packed, everything has come to an end. Smell
    Pleasant with light notes of lemon. It looks greasy, but absorbed well without greasy shine. I will write about efficiency later, as I order this cream for the first time. Thank you to the seller.

    Ships From: China


  24. M***h

    The cream really liked my mother, enjoys with great pleasure. The texture is light, instantly fills fine wrinkles.

    Ships From: China


  25. E***l

    Packed perfectly, came in intact, 20 grams. No smell of white color, cutting later will add

    Ships From: China