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Custom 3D mural wallpaper European elegant decorative background wall gray imitation furniture mural decorative painting

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Custom 3D mural wallpaper European elegant decorative background wall gray imitation furniture mural decorative painting


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Buyers must-read:

The price: $ / square meter. No rolls.

1S quare meters = 1pcs. 2S quare meters = 2pcs. 3S quare meters = 3pcs …

Width x height = square meters = Order Quantity

Note: Please be careful to order 1m2. Because a very small size

Available materials: waterproof silk cloth (default material)/ canvas / 3D relief

Uses: living room / bed linen / study / marriage room / children room / KTV / bar

Take Noticed:

It’s a kind of custom mural wallpaper. We must produce according to your accurate size (Width and high). You must know well all the details before purchasing the products. In order that you could get what you want.(Do not understand the problem, contact the seller is your best choice)

Frequently asked questions: how to order other sizes?

Ordering other dimensions steps:

1: select the correct quantity = m2 (width x height)

2: buy now.

3: fill in the details. In the order number, write down your size information

4: submit the order. The payment. good

Width x height = square meters (square feet)

1 sq m = 10.76 sq ft

Tip: if feet (inches) give me information, I will give you the correct order quantity

For example: you need walls: width = 2.8m height = 2.6m..

2.8mx2.6m = 7.28m2, rounded. Quantity you need to order: 7

Frequently asked questions: how do I order the size of a master map?

You need wall dimensions. Width and height. Please tell us the information.

Contact the online designer to design the renderings until you are satisfied


1.Please write down your favorite material and exact wall size under the order, or leave a message in time. We will arrange production and delivery as soon as we get your confirmed size and material

2. If we do not get the material and detail wall size within 24 hours, we will generate the default material “silk cloth” and the following default size.

3.The price of the website is only 1 square meter. Mural wallpaper of any size can be applied to the entire pattern. Custom wallpapers consist of many parts. This is not a full wallpaper. It will be divided into many parts so that it is suitable for international shipping. I hope you can understand, thank you

4. There is no glue or paste powder on the back of the wallpaper. Please prepare glue or paste powder before putting up the wallpaper.

5.We are not responsible for any import duties, Russian friends, please provide your full name; Brizilian friend, please provide your CPF number. thank you

Default size:

Quantity 1:1 square meters = 140 cm (width) x 70 cm (height) (4’7″ x 2’4″) feet

Quantity 2: 2 square meters = 200 cm (width) × 100 cm (height) (6’7″ x 3’3″) feet

Quantity 3:3 square meters = 220 cm (width) x 140 cm (height) (7 feet 3 inches x 4 feet 7 feet) feet

Quantity 4:4 square meters = 250 cm (width) x 160 cm (height) (8’2″ x 5’3″) ft

Quantity 5:5 square meters = 280 cm (width) x 180 cm (height) (9’2″ x 5’11”) ft

Quantity 6:6 square meters = 300 cm (width) x 200 cm (height) (9’10” x 6’7″) feet

Quantity 7:7 square meters = 330 cm (width) x 210 cm (height) (10’10” x 6’11”) feet

Quantity 8:8 square meters = 360 cm (width) x 230 cm (height) (11’10” x 7’6″) feet

Quantity 9:9 square meters = 380 cm (width) x 240 cm (height) (12’5″ x 7’10”) feet

Quantity 10:10 square meters = 400 cm (width) × 250 cm (height) (13’1″ x 8’2″) feet

Quantity 11:11 square meters = 420 cm (width) x 260 cm (height) (13’9″ x 8’6″) feet

Quantity 12:12 square meters = 440 cm (width) x 270 cm (height) (14’5″ x 8’10”) feet

Quantity 13:13 square meters = 460 cm (width) x 280 cm (height) (15’1″ x 9’2″) ft

Quantity 14:14 square meters = 480 cm (width) x 290 cm (height) (15’9″ x 9’6″) ft

Quantity 15:15 square meters = 500 cm (width) x 300 cm (height) (16’5”x 9’10”) ft

Quantity 16:16 square meters = 500 cm (width) x 320 cm (height) (16’5″ x 10’6″) ft


Product display


The above picture explains:

We implemented L “payment within 7 days after relocation.

We usually pass China Post Airlines free of charge (if you need, we can also send via courier / EMS / DHL / FEDEX / TNT / UPS, but the buyer should pay the tax)

payment method:

We accept Alipay payment here.

All major credit cards can be accepted through the Payment Processing Guarantee.


1. Prepare the necessary tools: glue, brush, roller, spatula, ruler, knife, towel/sponge

2. Clean the walls to ensure that the walls are clean and clean. Clean the glue on the walls first.

3. Check the size of the wallpaper and match the template

4. According to the width of the wallpaper, the vertical line is on the wall.

5. Brush glue on the back of each wallpaper panel and mark the order on it.

6. Stick it to the wall, cut off the excess with a knife, and use a towel to clean the spilled glue.

7. When pasting the second panel, carefully match the wallpaper template. On the middle cover, use a ruler and a knife to cut off the excess and disconnect them.

8. Use a knife to cut the excess around the handle.

9. Use a spatula to make a flat wallpaper. Then use a towel or sponge to clean the spill. (Close doors and windows to keep it dry.)

All emails will reply within 1 business day. If you haven’t received our reply yet, please resend it

. 10. E-mail, we will reply as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your problems.

12. Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars thanks.

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3D, Environment Friendly, Formaldehyde-free, Water Resistant, Extra Thick, Mildew Resistant


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