Beauty & Cosmetics, Skin Care, Facial Scrubs

LAIKOU Matcha Exfoliating Peeling Gel Facial Scrub Moisturizing Whitening Nourishing

Beauty & Cosmetics, Skin Care, Facial Scrubs

LAIKOU Matcha Exfoliating Peeling Gel Facial Scrub Moisturizing Whitening Nourishing

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10 in stock

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100% brand new and high quality!
Nourish the skin,clean & nourish skin,make skin tender Balance water according to skin state,keep the best skin state all day Item Type
Usage: Step 1:After cleansing face,take appropriate products smear on the face Step 2:Along the skin texture and gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes,until the dead skin off the dirt Step 3:Then rinse with water
Effect:1.Gentle exfoliation
Adding matcha ingredients to clean the “dirty things” on the skin through the stratum corneum
2.Clean and brighten skin
Cleans pores and allows skin to better absorb skin care products.
3.Moisturizing nourishes to improve dry lines, large pores, moisturizes the skin and is not tight

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Scrub & Polish

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exfoliating facial

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Skin Care

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peeling gel

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Exfoliating Peeling Gel

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  1. U***r

    It’s really a very good product. I only used it to know how it works. I bought the horny before. But it’s better compared to this. Mousse is mild. The effect is obvious.


  2. U***r

    I have used a lot of facial cleansers before, or the effect is not good, and some have a tingling sensation when used, but the sharpness of the exfoliating mousse is very refreshing and comfortable after use, and it has been used for some time. The effect is not bad


  3. B***e

    very good. The quality is good, the effect is very good, I didn’t expect so many things on my face, my face can be clean. Awesome, very good use of a product, very easy to use, fresh taste, good exfoliating effect, no irritating skin, very clean, good quality, good smell, very delicate bubbles, satisfied, gentle and not irritating ,taste good


  4. N***r

    I used it before I knew that the courier couldn’t wait to be opened. The mousse was refreshing and not fragrant. The massage on the skin was not irritating, and the dirty things on the face were wiped out. The effect was really good, facial cleanser It is also refreshing and non-irritating! Buy it and buy it


  5. R***r

    I took it back last night. I used it this morning. I don’t feel my face. How can it be so dirty? I feel that my face is very slippery after use. Because my skin is dry, I use my own hydration. I feel right to buy it.


  6. B***r

    Ok, good, good, important to say three times, originally did not dare to buy, the first time I just bought it, my God my face is too much, thank you very much for the seller’s products. Ready to run out and buy again. Really good product.


  7. R***r

    Exfoliating is very good, the face is very comfortable, the toner is very moisturizing, and the acne feeling is also reduced after a few days. Controlling the diet, eating less greasy food is the main, customer service is very patient, very good shopping Hope is getting better and better, logistics is also very fast


  8. L***r

    I bought 2 bottles at a time, I can’t wait to buy them. The foam is particularly rich, and I have removed a lot of dirty things. I feel that the greasy face is a lot less, the effect is very good, the price is quite favorable, it is worth buying!


  9. L***s

    I used to use sharpness facial cleanser before, and it feels good. I have chosen this sharp for a long time. Buying one get one is really real. It is very soft to use. It feels very comfortable. Take a look at it later.


  10. U***r

    This product is great, we have tried quite a few moisturizers and creams…. but this works very well. The feel of the device is strong and well built.


  11. N***r

    Seems to work good. I used it on my husband who has big pores and it worked well and was not painful at all.


  12. U***r

    When you use it, you will have a strong sense of absorption. It’s easy to absorb dirt. Blackheads and pimples come out easily. After you use it, you will feel your skin is better. It looks clean on your face as a whole. It’s a lot of love! After using it, I feel that the pores are well ventilated. It’s super powerful and sucks out a lot of dirty things. It’s small and beautiful. It’s worth recommending.


  13. R***r

    This product is really easy to use. After using it, the skin feels very delicate. After the roommates saw it once, they also bought a bottle. They were so happy that they found the New World, and the bubble was really delicate. give it a like


  14. D***r

    Does not irritate the skin, the wash is very clean, the quality is good, the smell is good, the bubbles are very delicate, satisfied, gentle and not irritating, the taste is very good, the effect is very good, the bubble is very rich, all of a lot of mud did not think of my face So dirty, after washing, the face is very refreshing and not greasy. It’s better to buy than to think about it, and it will be bought back. Exfoliating effect is very good, not irritating, very mild??


  15. U***r

    It’s really a very good product. I only used it to know how it works. I bought the horny before. But it’s better compared to this. Mousse is mild. The effect is obvious


  16. R***e

    There is a faint scent that will set off a lot of dirty things, but after washing and playing, the skin is smooth and super porridge, but after using it, the face is smooth, feels a lot cleaner, and the price is also affordable. I am dry skin, my nose is black, my forehead is often acne, I feel very refreshed after using this, very gentle and very happy shopping.


  17. R***r

    This is the best horny product I have ever used. I have always supported sharpness and logistics. It is only very fast in less than two days. The handsome guy who wants to become handsome supports this product!


  18. U***r

    Things are really easy to use, use not dry, slippery skin, very good, really recommend to buy. Super easy to use, the taste is super good, the key is the effect is very good, can wash very clean once, after washing The face is very smooth and tender, and the benefits are super good… After use, the skin is not dry, moist and moist, especially comfortable


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