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Melatonin Supplements for Sleep Natural Sleeping Pills Melatonin Sleep Aid Melatonin Capsule

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Melatonin Supplements for Sleep Natural Sleeping Pills Melatonin Sleep Aid Melatonin Capsule

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Melatonin Supplements for Sleep Natural Sleeping Pills Melatonin Sleep Aid Melatonin Capsule

Ingredients: Melatonin, Vitamin B6, Pregelatinized Starch.

Supplement Facts(Per 100g): Vitamin B6 4.3g, Melatonin 1.86g

Suggested Usage and Dosage: 1 capsules once, 1 times a day before bed.

Specifications: 80 Capsules/Bottle

Melatonin (outside the pineal gland element) : is the body the pineal gland in the brain releases substances. Studies have shown that melatonin controls the body’s biological clock,with the increase of age, the body of melatonin year by year reduce,thus appears a series ofaging symptom such as insomnia, much dream, forgetfulness.

Melatonin supplements can makemelatonin levels restored in the human body, adjust the biological rhythm, effectively improve sleep quality.Melatonin is currently recognized alternative to “settle” has no side effects, and not health food addiction.

Why add vitamin b6?

The main role of vitamin B6 is to maintain the balance of sodium and potassium (stable nervous system). On the base of melatonin special addition of vitamin B6, which can further improve the central and inhibit the balance of central, make you get a deeper level of sleep quality.

The role of melatonin:

1. Can promote and enhance the natural sleep, improve sleep quality, correct adult insomnia.

2. Adjust to the time difference, the time difference correct response.

3. Enhance human immunity.

**Our Melatonin Fast Dissolve**

  • Nighttime Sleep Aid
  • May Help Promote Relaxation
  • Helps Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • With Rapid Dissolve Technology to Help Promote Fast Absorption

1. Full refund if the following 3 conditions occur during transport:
a. If the items cannot be delievered within 60 days after dispatch;
b. If the items are hold by the custom and can’t make customs clearance;
c. If the items occurred damage during the transportation.
2. How to ensure product quality?
Received 14 certifications “United States, EU Pass”, such as GMP, HACCP, CANS, cGMP, IS014000, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, US NSF certification, US FDA registration, etc.
3. Can products be sent to my country?
Product interface, if you can place an order sucessfully, it means that it could be sent to your country.
4. About product packaging.

Due to the large quantity of sale in the world, the packaging changes frequently, such as the difference between packaging and bottles. We guarantee that the products sold are 100% genuine for the factory, you can buy and use with confidence.

5. About capsule softening, adhesion, etc.
BIOHEC capsule products are made of gelatin as a capsule material. Due to the gelatin properties or the weather in transportation, may cause capsule softening, adhesion, etc., it does not affect product quality. You can open the bottle cap of the product, put it in tithe refrigerator fresh layer, take it out after 1-2 days, close the lid and shake it to separate the capsules.
6. How long will it take to have a effect?
Dietary supplements are not medicines and can’t cure diseases. It takes time to adjust for chronic diseases and sub-health conditions. The human body needs a certain metabolic cycle, which requires constant supplementation and assists in healthy living habits, which could improve health problems.

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24 Months

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Melatonin Sleep Aid Product


80 Pcs/Bottle


Melatonin, Vitamin B6


Help Improve Sleep

Suggested Use

1 Capsules Once, 1 Time a Day

Storage Method

Seal, Keep In Cool and Dry Place

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Country Food Healthy No.G20100314

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This Product Can't Instead of Medicine.

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Children, Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers

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