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Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI audio USB decoder DAC of amplifier player ES9038Q2M + XMOS XU308 with headset 3.5mm RCA output

Digital-to-Analog Converter, Portable Audio & Video, Consumer Electronics

Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI audio USB decoder DAC of amplifier player ES9038Q2M + XMOS XU308 with headset 3.5mm RCA output

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Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI audio USB decoder DAC of amplifier player ES9038Q2M + XMOS XU308 with headset 3.5mm RCA output 7
Bluetooth 5.0 HIFI audio USB decoder DAC of amplifier player ES9038Q2M + XMOS XU308 with headset 3.5mm RCA output 8


Excluding various cable

Hot sell USB decoder . good sound is not necessarily to compare prices to get.

leave me your email address and your computer system . i will send your the driver after your ordered.

Product parameter:

XMOS’s USB U8audio asynchronous receiving scheme is one of the excellent asynchronous USB audio schemes recognized so far. Used by the majority of high-end manufacturers, it has almost become the de facto standard for USB audio applications.
The core of XMOS is very powerful. There are eight micro-cores working at 500 MHz. These processing capabilities can be used to process USB audio data, which guarantees the smooth and smooth communication of USB. There will be no other low-end USB programs. Jitter can be as low as 4.6ps
Support 32B 384khz asynchronous transmission
The clock circuit is upgraded and optimized. 44.1/88.2/176.4/352.8Khz and 48/96/192 use two crystal oscillator respectively.
PCM:16-24bit /44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz
Analog output:
RCA output level: 2.5 Vrms @0dBFS
Frequency response: 20-20K Hz +/-0.15dB
Power consumption:

Packing list:

DAC * 1pc

power supply * 1pc

Brand Name

HIFivv audio



DSD Sampling Frequencies

2.8224 MHz (DSD64)


USB Type-B, USB Type-B

PCM Sampling Frequencies

176.4 kHz







PCM Word Length


Model Number


Input Format


Dimensions (W x H x D)




D/A Converter




USB Compatibility

Windows 10

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  1. I***y

    Came the version from Bluetooth, catches the tip (interference) on the right channel stronger than on the left, the tip will be, so this is the problem of Bluetooth itself, disassembly and sealing of the interiors did not do. And now the most important thing, and most importantly it is the sound, in the headphones: Cotton (bass component), the blow does not have such a scale, the bass is dry clear, calling, clearly on the player Hifiman hm-603 or 8x tda1387 is more interesting, but unlike other Delta Sigma players, namely the players I used before that, He has a very fast punch sound that prevented just to enjoy the dynamic metal songs, Bass close to R2R but not quite the scene on the location of the tools at a distance is not so large, high frequencies are not compressed, here everything is normal, the sound of bells and bright oven instruments is very distinguished, The details of the second plan are hearing excellent, since familiar with the devices on Sabre, quite a good resolution.

    Color: With Bluetooth


  2. A***V

    Delivery to taganroga 16 days. DAP plays very well, in detail, all the cleanliness is clear! And this is so far only on the Bluetooth with the iPhone and no hint, and the acoustics I have a sensitive 106db and two stroke on the kt88. In general, the sound of the bomb! The explosion! Very happy! I’m waiting for the cable, I’ll add a review…

    Color: With Bluetooth


  3. S***n

    And it is, it is, it is, and it is, it is, and it is, and it is, it is, and it is, it is is, it is is, it is, and it is, and it is, and it it is, it is, it is, and it it is is, and it is is, it it is, it it is, and it it is, it it is is, and it it it it it is, and

    Color: With Bluetooth


  4. E***v

    Plugged In, downloaded the driver, installed. In FUBAR made the settings and everything pulled. The sound is really worth that money. Took the DAC for note by USB. Bundle Harman hk970, jbl-60, HP G6, Windows 8.1×64. I’m very pleased with the sound.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  5. a***a

    Sound quality very good. Slight background hiss but not bad at all, but that’s maybe due to the cheap power supply. For this price it is a bargain. Works without drivers on macOS

    Color: no Bluetooth


  6. A***n

    Very good DAC, there is ASIO driver for Windows. Inside really replaceable Oh, measurements are also normal.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  7. S***n

    Excellent dac. Good Sound. Good price.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  8. A***v

    Very quickly sent, sent photos of parcels.
    Very well packed. It reached 18 days to the south of Krasnoyarsk territory.
    Works after installing XCore USB Audio 2.0 drivers immediately.
    The only drawback is the power supply with a Chinese plug, but the seller immediately said that there were no options. This is corrected for 5 minutes working soldering iron 🙂
    I’m happy to advise everyone.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  9. D***v

    Заказывал версию без блютуса, звучит хорошо, за свои деньги просто замечательно! Доставка ракетой Илона Маска! Всего неделя от оплаты до омской почты! Блок питания с европейской вилкой.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  10. A***a

    Sent the order instantly, came to Yaroslavl in 8 days! The negative is that the seller put the adapter with the American plug instead of the European one. When ordering offers to choose only the version of the DAC, with Bluetooth or without, about the plug is not words, apparently you need to immediately write to the seller with which plug you need.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  11. V***v

    Impressions lubricated TC before it was the same boxes for ak4490 5 years. The difference is small, but there is. Stronger than amplifier and more detailed sound. Definitely for 50 $ better not to find. I needed a third-party amplifier. Declared 300ohm does not smell. It’s hard to pull out the same thing.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  12. A***n

    Очень быстрая доставка, за 8 дней! За свои деньги лучше не найти, рекомендую!

    Color: no Bluetooth


  13. A***v

    Доставка в Воронеж меньше месяца !!! По срокам как написали. Опер. усь как заявлено. Звук ровный пока на ушках Аксельвокс 242 погонял. Уши новые не прогретые. Позже дополню отзыв. Продавец отвечает за 15 секунд !!!!! Это не шутка. Берите ВЕЩЬ !!! Купил кабели хай энд тюльпаны. и usb имеется Ямаха АС 300 И БРИГ 001 КОЛОНКИ S 90 позже дополню отзыв как работает в такой связке. ЗАПУСКАЛ ОТ X 3 cube Андроид тв бокс композиции в флак ЧЕРЕЗ usb. Шума нет от слова совсем с родным блоком питания ! Который из коробки.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  14. M***v

    Продавец молодец, перед отправкой сделал фото товара (первое фото) весьма доброжелателен и общителен. Выслал драйвера на почту. Упаковка надёжная. Всё соответствует описанию. Звук отличный. Рекомендую.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  15. B***n

    Came bubble wrapped with ‘test well’ written on it. Tested it myself with a couple of headphones – plugged to DAC first and then to headphone amp. Sound is more transparent and sub bass is tighter. It dramatically improve the bass on a cheap monitor headphone – though not as much on another more expensive headphone. I would be happy to use DAC as a standalone with headphones, with volume controlled via laptop. My headphone amp has a Bugle Boy tube valve (sound is real sweet) but I cannot discern much difference between the two components sound quality. Also, no heating issue with DAC.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  16. A***n

    Быстро пришло. Все отлично работает. Спасибо

    Color: With Bluetooth


  17. I***O

    Доставка в 31-регион две недели. Упаковано отлично. Качество отличное. Рекомендую.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  18. v***v

    Came relatively quickly, on the wine 10 automatic caught the sound, but something I can not put firewood with ACIO, I will look that yes, how. I’m waiting for Hifiman 400i, let’s see how they play. European fork on the block.

    Color: no Bluetooth


  19. A***a

    Color: no Bluetooth


  20. A***v

    The complete power supply at me is noisy. Changed to normal-it became better, but the noise remained when the sound was turned off. Apparently you need to put your hands, because the sound itself is excellent.

    Color: no Bluetooth