Consumer Electronics, Headphone Amplifier, Portable Audio & Video

Portable Headphone Amplifier 600Ω ESS ES9280C PRO HPA DSD 128 USB Type C DAC Amp for Android Pixel SAMSUNG Huawei OnePlus Win10

Consumer Electronics, Headphone Amplifier, Portable Audio & Video

Portable Headphone Amplifier 600Ω ESS ES9280C PRO HPA DSD 128 USB Type C DAC Amp for Android Pixel SAMSUNG Huawei OnePlus Win10

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Brief Introduction:

1. Built-in digital audio decoding chip support up to PCM 32bit/384KHz
2. Built-in audio decoding chip support DSD 64/128 audio source hard decoding
3. Built-in 600Ω dynamic adaptive chip, can work with 16~600Ω headphones
4. Can convert the Type-C interface of Android mobile phone, tablet, Windows 10 PC into a 3.5mm headphone jack(require the device type c support has audio output feature)
5. With an extra USB A to USB Type C adapter, it will work as an external high end USB audio card for you Windows 10 PC (not support Windows 7 or earlier)

Product Specifications:

– Codec: ESS ES9280C Pro
– Sound Resolution rate: up to 384KHz / 32bit
– DSD decoding: DSD 64/128
– Output: 2Vms@600 ohm
– Output voltage: 3.3v-5v
– Output impedance: 600ohm
– SNR: +130dB
– THD+N: -112dB
– Frequency Response: 20~192kHz
– Dynamic range: +122dB
– Standby power consumption: ≤0.08w
– Item net weight: about 4.5g


– Cable: tinned copper core, with TPE casing
– Plug/Connector: zinc alloy shell

Android Music Player App Recommendation:

1. The music player that comes with the phone may not be able to bypass the built-in DAC(if it has) of the phone to use an external DAC, so we recommend that you use the HibyMusic player(free via Google Play) and enable Exclusive HQ USB audio access feature in the app settings.

2. When “Exclusive HQ USB audio access” feature is enabled in the HibyMusic app, the headset will not be able to answer calls.

Package Includes:

1* USB Type C headphone amplifier
1* USB A (male) to USB Type C (female) adapter
color paper box packed

Declared Value:

– This item will be declared as US$15.00 from July 16 for EU and Brazil buyers, US$10 for India buyers.
– If you have other instructions, please feel free to leave a message when make the order.

Product Images:

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Brand Name


Built-in Battery


Output Type


Input Type


DSD (Direct Stream Digital)


Body Material



Color Box Pack


2 (2.0)

Output Power

60 mW@32Ohm, 2Vms@600 ohm

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Length: 10.5cm; USB C terminal width: 1.1cm; 3.5mm terminal OD: 0.9cm

Model Number

Erilles CE0130

Signal To Noise Ratio






DAC Model



Mini Amplifier



DSD Decoding Ability

DSD64, DSD128

PCM Sample Frequencies (part1)

44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz

PCM Sample Frequencies (part2)

176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz

PCM Word Length

16bit, 24bit, 32bit

USB Compatibility

Android, Windows 10, macOS

Features 1

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Features 4

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Features 9

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  1. Halaal Market Shopper

    It’s defenetly audiophile device. Sound qualitity insanly good. It can be haracterised like just an insanly clean and natural sound. You can hear musical melody with pleasant details. If track has a bass in it, there will be the bass. If track has detailet acoustic sound, there will be a very clean acoustic sound. Also this device doing soundstage visibly wider. You don’t even need listen harder to hear that. It’s just obvious. Was testing this with different headphones and devices. All of them gave me perfect results. I liked the most with Blon-03. Also machining and manufacture quality is on the level. I can say that because can compare with other usb dacs that i have. Defenetly reccomend to buy this device. Also it’s ESS9280 chip, which is the same 9281 chip that has devices with prices over 100$, but this without MQA. I don’t use MQA but got the same quality chip. So i’m very satisfyed with that usb dac.

    Цвет: Серебристый

    Halaal Market Shopper

  2. S***k

    Make this project than the connection parts wholesale durable cooking the hot,

    Color: Silver


  3. A***n

    Chic Portable DAC. Complete the device itself and the adapter for the PC. Plays great and does not take place at all.

    Color: Silver


  4. E***I

    The booster is here. Fallen normally, but the box itself where the amplifier is simple as three pennies, but the amplifier itself is very good and in quality and sound!! I had before that sonata HD, but on the ESS is much better and the depth expanded and the bass is deep and bumpy and details worked out, in general I advise for this money just super. Thank you to the seller.

    Color: Silver


  5. B***n

    Very nice , beautiful build, nice sound. great service from seller. Highly recommended!!

    Color: Silver


  6. Halaal Market Shopper

    I like the sound, and the design itself is very compact, and this DAC very clearly transmits vocals. The goods arrive within 20 days, very fast in this heavy period

    Color: Silver

    Halaal Market Shopper

  7. D***s

    Excellent Product, conforms to the description. Recommend!

    Color: Silver


  8. I***n

    To Chelyabinsk reached 2 weeks!), the sound is decent, pleased!!

    Color: Silver


  9. O***t

    Stretch godini pin pay for the goods buv reviews-Bravo. Having paid 2020-06-03 00:55, having taken the new Poti 17.06.2020, Totto goods come in two types. I vvazhaja, shcho shvidkistvo delivery takozh on the river. Packed in kind, there is no claim, I want a box attached to the Bule of the three pom’yat (in the photo it is visible)-not critical. Theper pro: vikonanyi solidno, якісно, the sound is delivered by the head-to-head-to-head. The Edge, in the city we will put the sound into the phone, bielsh musikalniy. All right, all right. It’s a Troch of graining. Vicerous at the same time by Google Pixel 3axl phone, the musical audio be.

    Color: Silver


  10. E***k

    Delivery from 19 days to Odessa from the moment of purchase. The sound is pleasant with the bass. It’ll be better than yesinik and dosmix. The device itself looks and tactile is felt expensive.

    Color: Silver


  11. A***v

    Good mobile DAC! Loud, undistorted sound in headphones 32 ohms, and if in 600 ohms, then in general, at times better, because this DAC can strengthen such high-volume headphones, that is not able to make a built-in sound card. The higher the headphone resistance, the less dependence on the sound source and less distortion. The chip here is very good, good channel separation, low harmonic and intermodulation distortion, no need any driver, works with Xiaomi Mi 9 T, at high volume in speakers and headphones the purity is absolute!

    Color: Silver


  12. P***n

    The sound is warm with this amplifier, very satisfied, and the seller is very patiently answering my questions.

    Color: Silver


  13. Halaal Market Shopper

    More convenient than btr3k, looks great, later will be more reviews

    Color: Silver

    Halaal Market Shopper

  14. V***s

    All is well, satisfied with the purchase. Thanks to the seller.

    Color: Silver


  15. Halaal Market Shopper

    Nice whistle.

    Color: Silver

    Halaal Market Shopper

  16. V***n

    Before Peter rocket flew 3 weeks, the quality of the goods is high, the quality is excellent on Highscreen Pawer Max 3. I recommend the product and producer.

    Color: Silver


  17. o***o

    Took to enhance the sound in the Xiaomi MI9 se smartphone. Before that used the drawstring from hidizs (Sonata 1), the difference is of course there. As for the volume in the plugs, it is less than half of the divisions, but even for 80 ohm headphones there is a small stock with this amplifier. As for the sound, not the player, of course, but much better than the standard adapter. The package came fast, three weeks on the way.

    Color: Silver


  18. T***y

    Came to Czech in 3 weeks. I listened to some of my well known track couple of minutes. I must say i am pretty impressed. For a such a small tail… really impressive. Sound have great impact, nice separation of the instruments, nice sound stage and its very detailed. Its very very loudy… and yeah… definitely on the bright side of the sound spectrum. Imo its not much suitable for bright sensitive IEM type of the earphone. But still pretty acceptable. Works with Note10plus. Generally superb tail for everyday use with phone and computer. Recommend item and seller.

    Color: Silver


  19. V***k

    Який класний звук, шикарна річ доставка не сильно довга. Дякую!

    Color: Silver


  20. A***v

    Sale-5. The device is money for the wind. Samsung, if set up-better or equal to (24/96).

    Color: Silver