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Tiger Balm Analgesic Cream For Arthritis Rheumatism Joint Muscle Rub Aches Pain Relief Ointment Cool Oil Anti-Motion

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Tiger Balm Analgesic Cream For Arthritis Rheumatism Joint Muscle Rub Aches Pain Relief Ointment Cool Oil Anti-Motion

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Tiger Balm Analgesic Cream For Arthritis Rheumatism Joint Muscle Rub Aches Pain Relief  Ointment Cool Oil Anti-Motion 7
Tiger Balm Analgesic Cream For Arthritis Rheumatism Joint Muscle Rub Aches Pain Relief  Ointment Cool Oil Anti-Motion 8

Package : 1Pcs Rheumatism Balm Ointment

Net Weight: about 20g

Shelf Year: 2 years

The scope of application:

Rheumatic pain , back pain , sciatica , bruises, sprains, cramps, sprains, through the meridians, insect bites bee pin , lift the muscle fatigue , itching , motion sickness journey , refreshing .

Usage and Dosages:

Apply Oil gently on the affected area.External use, rub three times a day

1. Headache : The cream applied to the sides of the temple of the head , headache can stop .
2.Toothache : tiger blam cream applied to the teeth to take appropriate facial , 3 to 4 hours to relieve pain.
3.Treatment of asthma : Take cream applied to the back of the neck on both sides of the spine ” Feishu ”Point on .
4.Cure a fever : The Tiger cream applied to the Quchi , half an hour to bring down a fever , especially in children is more significant effect .
5.Stomachache : The cream coated in the abdomen ” xiphoid ”Like left office , have good effect on epigastric pain .
6.Cure indigestion : The cream applied to the two legs . ” Zusanli”The point of simple diarrhea, dyspepsia , abdominal distension good effect .
7.Treatment of angina : The cream painted heart in front of the left chest area , angina can be stopped immediately.

8.Treatment of frostbite : The cream applied to wash the affected area, 1, 2 or 3 days a day can be effective. Governance corns pain :Take active cream applied to the corn , you can stop the pain when walking .
9.Anti- motion sickness motion sickness : In half an hour before departure , the cream coated in the belly button or double forearm ”Neiguan”The point , can prevent dizziness and vomiting.
10.Rheumatoid arthritis :The cream coated on the inside joint, three times a day , analgesic effect.
Low back pain:The cream applied to the pain and spine.
11.Cervical pain:The cream and coated on both sides of the cervical spine pain.


1.If after using,appear skin itching,redness and other allergic phenomena,please use water clean.

2.The allergy,pregnant women,skin fester,eye,and skin injured is forbidden to use.

3.The baby ,infant,children should use under adult or doctor guidance.

4.For external use.

Brand Name


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Feature 1

Vietnam Rheumatism Balm Ointment

Feature 2

Cooling Oil Refrash

Feature 3

Joint Arthritis Muscle Rub Aches Pain Relief

Feature 4

Analgesic Cream

Feature 5

Headache anti motion

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  1. Halaal Market Shopper

    Color: P0064

    Halaal Market Shopper

  2. S***n

    Напоминает по запаху Звёздочку. Как работает напишу после применения. Пока рекомендую. Не отслеживалось.

    Color: P0065


  3. N***i

    шло долго, но дошло. товар соответствует описанию. спасибо продавцу за труд.

    Color: P0065


  4. v***d


    Color: P0064


  5. n***a

    All as in the description, warms up. Similar to Indian ointment

    Color: P0065


  6. R***n

    The balm is real, it actually acts against pain in the joint, it helps, but it’s expensive, I took two jars, my mother says that it’s not enough in them, my mother said, that the balm warms gently, not as burning as other conventional balms, but really helps. Good, took Red 2 pieces. The smell of a real balm, as from the package, is immediately felt. Packed well, instruction is.

    Color: P0065


  7. w***w

    Color: P0064


  8. Z***i

    First use pain glowy receded, recommend.

    Color: P0064


  9. Y***

    Color: P0065


  10. I***v

    Color: P0064


  11. V***a

    Well, a very small jar, I’ll try to unwrite, delivery more than a month, for, the smell is pleasant

    Color: P0064


  12. Halaal Market Shopper

    Ok but poorly packed jar arrived open

    Color: P0064

    Halaal Market Shopper

  13. Halaal Market Shopper

    All Bestens!

    Color: P0064

    Halaal Market Shopper

  14. A***a

    Well packaged product. Exactly like the one in the photo. LED time coming, but the distribution in Portugal pandemia walk a bit slow in this period.

    Color: P0065


  15. A***

    Very satisfied, the balm really helps.

    Color: P0065


  16. Halaal Market Shopper

    Never received the package. Refund

    Color: P0065

    Halaal Market Shopper

  17. Halaal Market Shopper

    Never happened. Refund

    Color: P0064

    Halaal Market Shopper

  18. T***i

    Color: P0064


  19. S***N

    The goods were received, but the shelf life on the package is lost. The packaging looked old and long in stock. On the lid of the jar were traces of rust! After opening the dispute received a partial refund! I recommend to the seller to carefully check what it sends and monitor the quality of the goods! The price is overstated, I do not recommend!

    Color: P0064


  20. A***o


    Color: P0064


  21. O***h

    I took a red balm. Heats gently, does not burn. It’s not bad.

    Color: P0064